2012 Proto Rail Paintball Gun

The 2012 Proto Rail paintball gun is a brand new release for this season and has a ton of great features and upgrades. You can choose between the basic 2012 Proto Rail paintball gun which retails for roughly $300 or the upgraded Reflex Rail which has all of the upgrades already installed.

Either of the 2012 Proto Rail paintball guns will work for an intermediate to advanced paintball player who wants good performance from their paintball gun without breaking the bank.

The Proto Paintball Guns run strictly on Compressed air and will not work with CO2. If you are looking for a good quality compressed air tank that will work great with your paintball gun then we recommend the Ninja Series tanks. Priced at only $49.95, a Ninja tank will give your 2012 Proto Rail everything it needs be powered on the paintball field.

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Luxe 2.0 Paintball Gun

Luxe 2.0 Paintball Gun

Luxe 2.0 Paintball Gun

Check out the all new Luxe 2.0 paintball gun today.

All new circuit board – The Luxe 2.0 Circuit Board takes advantage of advances in embedded controller technology to provide more efficient and responsive performance. A more effective “sleep” mode allows the Luxe to maintain its battery charge longer between uses while separate voltage regulators for analog and digital circuits optimize power-on performance for longer battery life.

Luxe USB Interface Application – This new Windows based software provides three levels of communication with the Luxe 2.0. Luxe firmware updates can be flashed into the Luxe 2.0 circuit board without having to send it in to a Luxe Prestige Dealer. Using substitution-permutation network based encoding, the Luxe 2.0 relies on NSA top-secret approved encryption to ensure that only legitimate Luxe software is loaded via the USB connection. The USB Interface Application features bi-directional settings transfer to read or change any of the Luxe’s 19 user-adjustable settings with an easy to use one-page menu. The USB Interface Application also allows for the installation of new voice sets into the Luxe 2.0.

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Planet Eclipse Etha paintball gun

Snap!! Here are the new pictures of the 2012 Planet Eclipse Etha paintball gun. The gun looks really small and compact. We all know that Plannet Eclpise doesnt mess aournd so expect the Planet Eclipse Etha to be a seriously solid paintball gun out of the box. We will add more pictures of the 2012 Planet Eclipse Etha paintball gun as we come across them. Check back for more updates on the gun.

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Empire Prophecy Z2 Loaders

Prophecy Z2 Loaders

Prophecy Z2 Loaders

This is the all new Empire Z2 paintball loader. The pros have had this loader in their hands now for quite sometime and it has been fully tested with all of the bugs worked out. With tons of great features, the Empire Prophecy Z2 loader has everything you need for you to step up your game.

If you are looking to purchase one of the new Empire Prophecy Z2 loaders then check out ANSgear.com since they are the only one with them in stock at this time. Here is the manufacturer description for the Empire Prophecy Z2 loader

The Empire Prophecy tradition continues with the release of the Prophecy Z2 Paintball Loader. The Prophecy Z2 Loader continually monitors drive force, rate of fire, and it automatically clears a jam before you have a chance to miss that perfect shot. In the blink of an eye, the Prophecy Z2 will have performed more proactive measures than any other loader ever created. It’s the most advanced, easiest to use feeding system ever designed. Made of super strong-reinforced composites combined with its ultra-lightweight design and low profile, the Z2 will supercharge every player’s game.

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Dye Rotor Speed Feed 6.0

Check out all of the new information on the Dye Rotor Speed Feed 6.0. This is the latest and most up to date speed feed on the market for the Dye Rotor. Priced at $29.95, the Dye Rotor Speed Feed 6.0 is one of the most expensive speed feeds on the market for any loader.

Pictures of the Dye Rotor Speed Feed 6.0 will be released later today but we have notices that the arms seem much stronger and thicker. This will keep the arms of the Dye Rotor Speed Feed 6.0 from bending in and letting your paint splash out of the loader

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Valken Strikeforce Loader

Valken Strikeforce Loader

The Valken Strikeforce loader is one of the hottest new paintball loaders to ever hit the paintball market. Utilizing new and patented technology, this is the first paintball loader in the world that does not have to be connected or mounted to your paintball gun.

The sleek Valken Strikeforce backpack design is capable of holding over 1500 paintballs which it filters through a 1 meter hose directly to your paintball gun. When you go with the Valken Strikeforce loader you will never run out of paint on the field again.

With expected feed rates of 30BPS+, the Valken Strikeforce loader will be a must have item for anyone looking to have the latest and most effective gear at any scenario event.


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Paintball Jerseys on Sale

A good quality paintball jersey is a must have for any paintball player that wants to look good and stay protected on the paintball field. When you look for a paintball jersey, be careful to know what you are buying and the quality.
Common features on a paintball jersey will include some padding, breathable material and mesh venting to keep you cool. The price of a paintball jersey can vary from $15 all the way up to $100. The higher priced paintball jerseys tend to have better padding and are made from longer lasting and better quality materials.

If you want to score a great deal on a brand new paintball jersey then check out all of the closeout jerseys that are from previous years. They tend to be discounted up to 90% which means you can get a great deal on a jersey without breaking the bank.

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Ninja SMP550 Paintball Regulator

The SMP550 Regulator is a Mid-Pressure, 550psi output regulator that works well with a majority of the markers that players use.  Some players want a fixed output  regulator that they can take out of the box and go shoot, without having to worry about opening up the regulator to adjust the pressure.  The SMP550 is a very consistent regulator using the Ninja custom-made Belleville Spring Stack and has a very fast recharge rate.  With this regulator, you will not experience shoot-down or drop off.

The Ninja SMP 550 Regulator is compatible with the following paintball guns: Ego, Geo, Luxe, Angel, Creed, Demon, NT,  Mini, Axe & DM.

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