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2012 Proto Rail Paintball Gun

The 2012 Proto Rail paintball gun is a brand new release for this season and has a ton of great features and upgrades. You can choose between the basic 2012 Proto Rail paintball gun which retails for roughly $300 or the upgraded Reflex Rail which has all of the upgrades already installed.

Either of the 2012 Proto Rail paintball guns will work for an intermediate to advanced paintball player who wants good performance from their paintball gun without breaking the bank.

The Proto Paintball Guns run strictly on Compressed air and will not work with CO2. If you are looking for a good quality compressed air tank that will work great with your paintball gun then we recommend the Ninja Series tanks. Priced at only $49.95, a Ninja tank will give your 2012 Proto Rail everything it needs be powered on the paintball field.

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