Ninja SMP550 Paintball Regulator

The SMP550 Regulator is a Mid-Pressure, 550psi output regulator that works well with a majority of the markers that players use.  Some players want a fixed output  regulator that they can take out of the box and go shoot, without having to worry about opening up the regulator to adjust the pressure.  The SMP550 is a very consistent regulator using the Ninja custom-made Belleville Spring Stack and has a very fast recharge rate.  With this regulator, you will not experience shoot-down or drop off.

The Ninja SMP 550 Regulator is compatible with the following paintball guns: Ego, Geo, Luxe, Angel, Creed, Demon, NT,  Mini, Axe & DM.

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  1. Toby says:

    I have been looking for the new Ninja SMP550 Regulator. Thanks for the post.

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